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Tour Adventure

Tour Adventure

Tour though the most exotic places in Nicaragua where you can practice extreme sports, beach, venturing to explore the virgin jungle and heavenly beaches.

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Price per person, minimum 4 US$ 1,980.00  
Price per person, minimum 4 US$ 2,445.00  


Managua Airport Transfer

Managua Airport Transfer to Granada
managua airport transfer

This is the best shuttle service from the Managua International Airport to Granada
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Real estate

Casa de Playa en Venta
Casa de Playa en Venta

Edificio de 2 pisos en Juigalpa
Edificio de 2 pisos en Juigalpa

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Muestra de Glifos
18 artistas del grabado muestran su arte en ingenio
IX Granada’s International Poetry Festival
Granada’s International Poetry Festival is an extraordinary celebration of poetry that takes place across the entire city.For a week Granada is transformed into a virtual Capital of the World’s Poetry
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